Welcome to Kerns Trucking

"Trucking becomes who you are, not what you do"

Kerns Trucking, Inc. has been blessed to be successfully incorporated for 80 years. Recently after another birthday I began to reflect on what positive impact I could possibly have on the family business that is senior to me, the 55 year old president of Kerns? I mean how do you prevent both yourself and your company from being contaminated with the challenges of running a successful trucking business in the regulatory intensive, highly competitive, dog eat dog world we live and operate in. After all I have ridden in a truck since birth, washed tools in a gas pan, changed tires, greased trucks, completed mind numbing administrative tasks and budgets, hired, fired, worried if I have done what is right, signed the dotted line. All these things to realize that Kerns Trucking's success has nothing to do with Clyde Kerns, but is totally dependent upon the hard work and professionalism of 67 employees and over 50 independent contractors who service you, our valued customer.

Our Mission Statement

Listen to the customer, understand their needs and act upon their request to provide prompt, courteous and cost effective service. The result of this will be a satisfied customer and our opportunity to promote community and personal growth for today and the coming years.